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Prof. Dr. Shen-Ming Chen
National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan

IJCEA 2019 Vol.10(6): 168-174 ISSN: 2010-0221
doi: 10.18178/ijcea.2019.10.6.763

Near-infrared Shielding and Far-infrared Emission Textiles Coated by Self-assembly Cs0.32WO3 Nanosheets

Linghui Peng, Weifan Chen, Aibing Yu, and Xuchuan Jiang

Abstract—Near infrared (NIR) shielding textiles have attracted a great interest recently for energy saving and human comfort. On the other hand, far infrared (FIR) rays with a longer wavelength of 6-15 μm can enhance blood microcirculation and metabolism. Therefore, FIR emission fabric also shows commercial value. Self-assembly Cs0.32WO3 nanosheets coated textile can achieve NIR shielding and FIR emission functions at the same time by applying single functional material--Cs0.32WO3 nanosheets to cotton fibers. Cs0.32WO3 is known as a great NIR absorber and it is also a far infrared emitter. NIR is absorbed by Cs0.32WO3 nanosheets and converted into FIR radiation for human blood circulation. Compared with current infrared shielding textiles using solid-liquid phase change materials (PCMs), Cs0.32WO3 coated textiles possess better shielding property and longer service life, no leakage and FIR emission. The excellent NIR absorber Cs0.32WO3 nanosheets were successfully synthesized in this study. The coated fabrics were tested for NIR shielding property, FIR emissivity and laundering durability. Cs0.32WO3 coated textiles with excellent infrared shielding performance of lowering the temperature of about 4.5 °C, good FIR emissivity of increasing fabric surface temperature to 64 °C, and washing durability were comprehensively maintained.

Index Terms—Infrared shielding, infrared emission, functional fabric, Cs0.32WO3.

Linghui Peng, Aibing Yu, and Xuchuan Jiang are with Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University, Australia (,, Weifan Chen is with School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanchang University, China (


Cite: Linghui Peng, Weifan Chen, Aibing Yu, and Xuchuan Jiang, "Near-infrared Shielding and Far-infrared Emission Textiles Coated by Self-assembly Cs0.32WO3 Nanosheets," International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications vol. 10, no. 6, pp. 168-174, 2019.

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